Hone thinks of quitting – hurrah (but can he give up the pay and the perks?)

Well, well, well. Hone Harawira is thinking of quitting as an MP.

Surely not! The bugger has been relishing the nourishment from the public trough for too long and Alf is putting his money on him staying to enjoy the perks for another three years.

More’s the pity.

But if he did quit, would it be because he recognises he has behaved disgracefully and should fall on his sword? Or his spear? Or whatever is sharp enough to pierce his outrageously thick hide?

Nah. The bugger is spitting the dummy because he has a problem governing in coalition with we Nats.

The Dom-Post tells us –

Firebrand Maori Party MP Hone Harawira – under attack for an explosive email – says he could quit at the next election over his party’s support for National.

Mr Harawira told The Dominion Post this week that he was concerned the party was too close to National – despite the relationship delivering a crucial promise to scrap the Foreshore and Seabed Act.

The comments came before Mr Harawira was embroiled in a row with party leaders over an email to a critic in which he branded Pakeha “white motherf…s” who “have been raping our lands and ripping us off for centuries”.

Alf regards this as profoundly racist as well as offensive.

The Human Rights Commission – an outfit that Alf would shut down, if he ran the show – now has the ticklish job of considering the calls from people who found the comments “offensive and divisive”.

It says it would assess any complaints, but its track record does nothing to encourage Alf to believe appropriate action will be taken.

In this case, of course, Horrible Hone is in trouble because of the vile language he used in an e-mail to a fellow Maori. Perhaps he is communicatively challenged, when he writes in English.

But if that be so, why not write the e-mail in Maori?

Dunno, but –

The email was sent to resource consent consultant and former Waitangi Tribunal member Buddy Mikaere, who had questioned who paid for a jaunt to Paris that Mr Harawira and his wife, Hilda, took during a taxpayer-funded parliamentary visit to Europe.

It’s a measure of the mettle of this maladroit Maori MP that he responded offensively and vituperatively to being asked such a question. The arrogant prick regards himself as beyond accountability.

But there’s much to explain.

As the whole country now knows, he took the day trip – which he insists he paid for – instead of attending official engagements in Brussels.

The party said yesterday that it was considering whether to take disciplinary action for the email and the trip to Paris.

Alf is laying bets in the Eketahuna Club that nothing will come of it, and certainly not expulsion.

But Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia does have cause to be pissed off. Horrible Hone apparently told her he missed the Brussels meetings because he was ill. If this be so, that would make him a liar – someone not to be trusted.

Moreover, Turia’s political sensors (something Horrible Hone obviously does not possess) came into play.

She is also likely to be concerned that the email could inflame race relations as iwi prepare submissions on customary title to the foreshore and seabed – a racially explosive issue when the act was passed in 2004.

Then we get to the bit about Horrible Hone having problems with we Nats.

He confirmed his concerns to The Dominion Post, despite praising the deal leading to the Foreshore and Seabed Act being scrapped, and said he could walk away in 2011.

“I’m finding it a bit of a struggle, to tell you the truth. If I have doubts, it’s the doubts that everybody thought would be apparent about the Maori Party and National, the fact that we are a party that has dedicated a lot of our speaking time and a lot of our efforts to the protection of those less fortunate in our society, and I think they’re coming under increasing attack from this government.

His concerns included having to vote for tax cuts for the wealthy, but not the poor.

Can’t see the problem. Alf had no difficulty voting to give himself more take-home pay and he’s surprised Horrible Hone was troubled.

It seems the Maori Party’s support at this stage for National’s ACC reforms – which include service cuts and possible private competition – was another problem.

But let’s see what he said when he was asked to confirm whether he planned to stand at the next election.

“It’s hard to tell, really, what’s going to happen.”

Oh, and for the public record, the Dom-Post has published the offensive e-mail.

At 8.54pm on November 3, resource management consultant Buddy Mikaere emailed Hone Harawira’s office after reading the email version of Harawira’s weekly Ae Marika column.

Mikaere’s email said:

Gotta ask the question, eh? Who’s paying for Hilda?

At 10.30pm, Harawira replied:

Gee Buddy, do you believe that white man bulls… too do you? White motherf…ers have been raping our lands and ripping us off for centuries, and all of a sudden you want me to play along with their puritanical bulls… . I don’t often respond to comments like this, but I will to you.

I put in s…loads of hours and bucketloads of energy in my commitment to advancing Maori, and I am happy to put my body, my freedom, and my personal credibility on the line for that cause.

And I don’t do it because of the salary, or the political position I hold, or for any other reason than that I believe in fighting for Maori rights and I love doing what I do.

As far as my wife is concerned – I don’t know what your relationship is with whomever, but my wife is my partner, my adviser, my critic, and my best friend, and she has marched with me, fought alongside me, suffered the hard times with me and stood by me for more than 35 years, so if I get the chance to take her with me as part of my role as an MP I will.

And quite frankly I don’t give a s… what you or anyone else thinks about it. OK? Hone PS and if you want to take this to the press, go right ahead. I answer to my people, not to them or to anybody else.

Alf suspects this is not a faithful reproduction of the e-mails, mind you.

Horrible Hone is not so mealy mouthed that he would write “motherf…ers”, although he might not necessarily know how to spell it correctly.

One Response to Hone thinks of quitting – hurrah (but can he give up the pay and the perks?)

  1. tui says:

    Well well well it just gives all thoses covert and institutional racist; to come out now and talk utter crap!!! Maori whom may speak out like this SHOCK HORROR to all the sweet well rounders New Zealanders sitting in their racist back sides; who daily racially profile and socially construct; anyone that isnt as pure as them; what a load of utter crap; Maori have had to contend with all this racism since colonisation; aotearoa the land of the long white covert crowd

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