Smile (as you try to beat up the driver) – you will be on cabbie camera

Sad to say, the Government has buckled in just the same way as a typical Labour mob would have done to a clamour for something to be made compulsory to save lives.

This time it will require cameras to be installed in taxis in a bid to improve security, a bit of regulatory howz-your-father that follows the recent murders of two drivers.

The move has been welcomed by the taxi sector which will be governed by strict privacy policies and fines of up to $10,000 if drivers misuse the footage, as has happened overseas where images have appeared on the internet.

If the taxi sector wanted bloody cameras in their cabs, what exactly was the need to wait for the Government to demand it by done?

Alf is disappointed to note that his mate Steven Joyce, our otherwise splendid Minister of Transport, is party to this nonsense.

He said taxi drivers’ working environments were no longer as safe as they once were.

Yep. We knew that. So did the cabbies.

So what were they going to do to make things safer for themselves?

Oh, yes. They waited for the Government to do something.

Because they could have done the camera thing themselves, presumably they were hoping for the Government to do something they could not do, such as assign a police officer to ride shotgun in every taxi.

In the upshot they are being embraced by a regime that Joyce said could never make drivers 100 per cent safe, but would make a significant reduction to the risks they faced.

“Overseas experience suggests that in-vehicle cameras could reduce violent and serious crime in taxis by 70 per cent and taxi fare evasion by 70 per cent.”

So there it is. The technology is available to reduce violent and serious crime in taxis by 70 per cent and taxi fare evasion by 70 per cent (although Alf harbours deep suspicions about numbers like these).

But the bloody cabbies put the onus on the Government to require these cameras to be installed in cabs.

No wonder our bloody society is in trouble. We have become a nation of wimps, woofters, wowsers and dimwits.

Next damned thing we will have an edict requiring skiers and snow-boarders to wear safety helmets, because that has become big deal for the tossers who want to regulate every aspect of our lives.

The new taxi rule, which will be implemented in all towns and cities where there are more than 20 taxis, is expected to be in force by the middle of next year.

Dunno what’s so magical about a 20-taxi threshold.

Since when were smaller communities immunised from crime?

The citizens will be far from convinced in places like Fielding, where the cops are still hunting for whoever murdered a local farmer not so long ago.

It wasn’t the first murder of a farmer in recent years.

Maybe cameras should be made compulsory on all farms.

Nah, don’t mention it, Alf. Otherwise some fuckwit will seize on your remark, ignore the sarcasm, demand the Government do something, and next bloody thing we know David Carter will be announcing the compulsory installation of cameras on all farms.

2 Responses to Smile (as you try to beat up the driver) – you will be on cabbie camera

  1. pmofnz says:

    “in-vehicle cameras could reduce violent and serious crime in taxis by 70 per cent and taxi fare evasion by 70 per cent”

    Not to mention the sudden reductions of other sordid behaviours when they make it bigtime onscreen with upcoming reality TV show, “The Life and Times of the Rich and Famous in Eketahuna Cabs”.

  2. Alf Grumble says:

    The reality show you suggest, pmofnz, is sure to be a winner. Alf might not be the richest bugger in town, but he sure is the most famous and the best-looking as well as being disarmingly modest, and hence he is the stuff of stardom. Mind you, the back-seat carry-on won’t rate too highly on the sordid scale, except among those who blanch at the specatacle of a bloke siping from a hip flask. Just one thing: have you tried hailing a cab in this town???

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