An MP called Tashkoff? Nyet, but they might have a bloke of that name in the Kremlin

The Herald isn’t as familiar as it should be with the make-up of Act’s gang of five in Parliament.

None of the gang – last time Alf looked – was named Pete Tashkoff.

So how come the Herald website today has a news headline: Act MP to contest Hide’s seat.

Then there’s a photo captioned: Act MP Peter Tashkoff.

The first para of their report says that Act MP Peter Tashkoff has announced he will contest party leader Rodney Hide for the seat of Epsom.

The people responsible for this bit of prose obviously are mathematically challenged.

Act has five MPs in the House.

Anyone higher than No 5 on the list, it is reasonable to suppose, was an also-ran at the last election.

But the Herald goes on to say:

Newstalk ZB reported that Mr Tashkoff – number seven on Act’s party list – had been scathing of Mr Hide’s performance as leader and the handling of the Heather Roy affair.

So what is Tashkoff’s claim to be anything more than an also-ran?

Newstalk ZB quoted him as saying Mr Hide was a failure as a leader, a liability to the party and had to go.

Mr Tashkoff said pretending Act was not divided would not fix anything.

Hmm. You don’t have to be a genius to observe that Hide is a failure as a leader, a liability to the party and has to go or that the party is divided.

At Alf learned that Tashkoff claims only to be an IT consultant and writer, and an ACT party activist.

Dunno if Hide should be too bothered about his challenge, however, because Alf fancies a bloke with a Russian-sounding surname like Tashkoff won’t be much of a catch, electorally, in an area like Epsom.

Tashkoff accordingly had better clip out the Herald item, frame it and hang it on a wall. It’s as close as he is going to get to being an MP.

ADDENDUM: Alf dug this news announcement out of Tashkoff’s blog.

The number seven candidate on the ACT party list declared today his intention to contest the ACT party nomination to the Epsom electorate, in the next election.

Candidate Peter Tashkoff has also encouraged other aspirants to throw their hat in the ring.

“There are dozens, potentially hundreds of ACT members past and present who would do a far better job of representing ACT in Epsom, and Epsom in Parliament than the present incumbent.

“I am throwing my hat in the ring, and I’m looking forward to telling the ACT party members in Epsom why they should vote for me.

Asked why he is taking this action against the leader of his party Tashkoff replied:

“My opinion is that Rodney Hide is a liability to the ACT party, a failure as a leader and that he has got to go, or as Cato might have put it: Rodney Hide delendus est

Dunno if that last bit is Russian, but it is foreign and Alf is sticking to his belief that Epsom is not a good hunting ground for political aspirants with Russian-sounding and/or foreign-sounding names.

One Response to An MP called Tashkoff? Nyet, but they might have a bloke of that name in the Kremlin

  1. Rod says:

    It is not a bid deal; New Zealand is made by foreigners, maintained by foreigners with non specific surnames. It can be Tashkoff, Robertson, Singh, Smith, Kumar, Wong, Chen, Collins, McDonald, Umaga, etc. There are no NZ names; there are names from all over the Globe in NZ. We are all foreigners with NZ citizenship!!! The attempts to say the opposite is basic xenophobic and racist. We can not assume that a NZ name will be necessarily English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish names.

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