Mike Tindall gets the boot from the England rugby squad – but he deserves a bloodier axing

Given the boot ... former England Rugby captain Mike Tindall leaves his Cheltenham home with wife Zara Phillips.

The England rugby squad has been rid of a right royal plonker.

Betcha the Royal Family wish they were rid him of him too.

The embarrassment caused them by the antics of Mike Tindall, who a few months ago married Her Majesty’s grand-daughter, Zara Phillips,is the sort of thing that comes from Royalty marrying commoners.

There was a time when Tindall would have had his head lopped off for besmirching the reputation of the Royals.

Alf would have volunteered his services as axeman, if that penalty remained on the books.

These thoughts on the insidious thinning of good royal blood are triggered by news that –

Mike Tindall’s England career is effectively over after he was sacked from the squad today for his ‘unacceptable’ off-field behaviour during his team’s disastrous Rugby World Cup campaign.

The former captain has also been fined £25,000 for his antics in New Zealand on the night of September 11, when he and teammates were seen downing shots of cut-price spirits at a ‘dwarf-throwing’ event the day after a poor performance in their opening game.

And in an incident that heaped embarrassment on the Royal Family the husband of the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips was also seen kissing a ‘mystery’ girl in a separate bar the same night.

It later emerged that the blonde girl seen canoodling with Tindall was his ex-girlfriend Jessica Palmer – who had been at the couple’s wedding just weeks earlier.

He is going to appeal the decision.

No doubt he is being encouraged in this by his father Phil, who reckons his son has been made a scapegoat.

Nah. Not a scapegoat.

More a dickhead – and he exposed himself as a dickhead by behaving as he did.

We have all seen it on the telly, because –

Days after the incident in September a doorman at Altitude nightclub in Queenstown released CCTV footage that appeared to show him being kissed on the forehead by his ex-girlfriend.

The 33-year-old’s wife flew to the country soon after people reacted with uproar to Tindall’s off-field antics.

At the time questions were raised within the game about the wisdom of the behaviour, as well as that of his fellow internationals whose apparent lack of professionalism angered the thousands of England fans who had made the expensive journey to the southern Hemisphere.

We can be grateful that the Rugby Football Union has taken disciplinary action regarding breaches of the England Elite Player Squad Agreement.

The statement says:

‘Mike Tindall has been removed from the England Elite Player Squad with immediate effect and fined £25,000 for his conduct around the events that took place in Queenstown on the night of Sunday, September 11, 2011.’

Tindall was not the only way to be disciplined.

Flanker James Haskell and fullback Chris Ashton have been given £5,000 suspended fines, while hooker Dylan Hartley was cleared.

England manager Martin Johnson had reprimanded Haskell, Ashton and Hartley during the Rugby World Cup jaunt around New Zealand for making inappropriate comments to a female hotel worker in Dunedin.

Much too much testosterone seems to have been on the rampage, the way Alf sees it.

The prospect of some of this stuff getting into the Royal genes is disquieting.

One Response to Mike Tindall gets the boot from the England rugby squad – but he deserves a bloodier axing

  1. Johnathan says:

    Without knowing the full details this all seems like a bit of an overeaction! Unlucky Tindall for being spotted just having a bit of a laugh going a bit too far

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