Welcome back Aaron – and by the way, did you ever finish off the last 25% of that diploma?

Good things take time...

Good things take time…

Dunno what the seating arrangements will be, but former National MP Aaron Gilmore will soon be joining Alf on the back benches and no longer will be a former MP.

Aaron (see here) has been returned to Parliament following the retirement from national politics of former Speaker Lockwood Smith.

It’s all part of a wonderful game of political musical chairs.

Mr Gilmore, an MP in National’s first term in Government, was officially returned today by the Electoral Commission.

Smith is heading to London to take up the position of New Zealand High Commissioner.

Gotta confess that Aaron didn’t make much of an impression, in his first term – Mrs Grumble had to dip into Wikipedia (here) to dig up some stuff to job Alf’s memory.

Yep. That did the trick.

Gilmore was selected by the National Party Christchurch East local electorate as its candidate in the safe Labour seat of Christchurch East at the end of 2007 and in August 2008 he was placed at number 56 on the National Party list.

Gilmore came second in the electorate race, losing to the incumbent, Lianne Dalziel, by 5,765 votes, but achieved a record for National in the area of over 12,000 party and personal votes.

The Parliamentary website (here) tells us a bit more.

He was a member of the Education and Science Committee from 9 December 2008-24 June 2009, a member of the Finance and Expenditure Committee from 24 June 2009-20 October 2011, and a member of the Regulations Review Committee from 9 December 2008-20 October 2011.

The tossers at The Standard didn’t think much of him (see here and here and here) – but then, they don’t think much of any National politician.

Come to think of it, they don’t think – full stop.

The last of three Standard posts cited above says it appears Gilmore’s CV might not be as impressive as he would like us to believe.

On Parliament’s website, Gilmore lists himself as “Member, Chartered Financial Analyst Institute” but the Herald reports:

“A spokeswoman for the international Chartered Financial Analyst Institute said yesterday Mr Gilmore was neither a member of the institute nor of the CFA Society in New Zealand. He was a CFA programme candidate, meaning he is registered as studying towards the CFA qualification which would give him membership.”

That’s kind of like a law student calling themselves a lawyer. Not only is the qualification not complete, neither is the certification that could follow the qualification.

The Standard picked up another bit of Gilmore’s CV, which credits him with a Postgraduate Diploma (Accounting) from Massey University (75% complete)

Yeah, you don’t actually have the diploma until you’ve completed it, eh, Aaron? I once tried to jump a 5m wide stream and got three quarters of the way. You don’t see me putting that on my CV.

Then the Standard blogger scoffed:

Typically, John Key is refusing to do anything. Here’s a member of his caucus lying on his CV and Key just shrugs his shoulders. Too busy playing with spiders, I guess.

Well, considering that he only got in by the skin of his teeth last time, and the odds against National getting more votes in the second term, perhaps Gilmore will soon have something new for his CV: One-term MP.

Alf is much more generous.

He thinks it takes a bit more time for Aaron to do some things, compared with other people.

Take – for example – the reconstruction of his website (here).

Following the 2011 Election this site is currently under reconstruction at present. Any queries in relation to it can be sent to Aaron.gilmore@national.org.nz.

The 2011 Election was – how long ago?

Oh, yes. More than a year.

But wait, folks. Wait.

As the cheese-making ad says, good things take time.

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