Wake up Little Siouxsie – you’ve got to decide on Connie’s credibility in science sexism row

June 28, 2015

Alf has been keeping an eye on the harpies who have been hounding Sir Tim Hunt, the eminent scientist who has lost his job for being not too clever when he tried to make a joke.

It’s disappointing to find a Kiwi sheila among their ranks.

Yep. Siouxsie Wiles (the lass with a name that seriously stresses Alf’s spell-checker) chimed in to swell the chorus of condemnation of a bloke who is being judged and found wanting not because of any shortcomings in his scientific accomplishments but for a lapse in his social skills.

Or – as she put it – she has tossed in her 2c worth on the “latest sexism in science debacle”.

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If Siouxsie doesn’t like this post – well, maybe she should get her lawyer to sioux

February 4, 2013

So what's wrong with Suzie?

So what’s wrong with being named Suzie?

Ele, at Homepaddock, is taking things much too seriously.

Without a hint of “where the fuck did she get that name?”, Ele (here) has highlighted some research that reveals what is killing us.

Drinking whisky, it is gratifying to learn, is not on the list.

Let there be no misunderstandings: serious stuff is being talked about.

It started at Sciblogs a few weeks ago (here) with a post headed

What do Kiwis die of?

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