Is that Moby Dick’s spout on the horizon, Cap’n Ahab – or is it one of them political dicks?

It's a whale of a whanger (or a whanger of a whale)...

... but Jumbo's is impressive too.

The Busted Blonde deliciously illustrated a posting on that Peter Bethune bugger with a picture of a penis. A whale’s penis.

Alf does not intend contesting the proposition that a whale’s penis is bigger than an elephant’s. But he understands that, for its size, the elephant has the bigger appendage.

Interesting, eh?

But actually, this posting is not about which creature has the bigger penis. Alf is more fascinated in musing on who is the bigger dick.

The candidates this morning are Labour wailer Chris Carter and anti-whaler Bethune.

Behune’s qualifications for being awarded a Big Dick honour were set out in postings by Alf on 16 February and 20 February. They have been reiterated in several postings on BB’s blog.

Carter has done many things over the years to make him eligible for the title. Joining the Labour Party, for example.

Today Alf will simply focus on his calls for the release of Bethune, who is under arrest and facing charges in Japan (an action which has prompted Alf to revise what previously had been a jaundiced view of Japanese).

As Radio NZ recalls today, Sea Shepherd activist Peter Bethune was charged with trespass on Friday for boarding a whaling patrol boat without invitation in Antarctic waters.

The bleeding hearts have burst into action as a result of the Japanese action.

The New Zealand and Australian Green parties on Saturday called on Wellington and Canberra to intervene and ask the Japanese authorities to have Mr Bethune freed.

Now Labour foreign affairs spokesperson Chris Carter says Mr Bethune is a brave protester, not a criminal, and should be brought home immediately.

The Government is doing more than it need to in this case. It is offering consular assistance to Bethune, but – hurrah – will let Japanese law take its course.

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown, however, is backing an international campaign to free Mr Bethune.

Mr Brown says he will not let people forget about Mr Bethune’s plight.


If you step into a lion’s den and get eaten, you have simply demonstrated that you are bloody big dick (and a tasty one for a hungry lion).

The same goes for clambering aboard a foreign-owned boat to try to make a citizen’s arrest.

His Government recognises this.

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says the Japanese authorities are behaving correctly towards Mr Bethune.

Oh, and another candidate for the Big Dick award has come along in the form of the co-leader of the Green Party.

She has issued a statement –

“The New Zealand Government must pull out all stops to get Pete Bethune freed from the Japanese authorities,” said Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

Mrs Turei joined Australian Green Party leader Dr Bob Brown in vowing to back an international campaign to free Mr Bethune.

“We want our boy back home as soon as possible,” Mrs Turei said.

Our boy?

Of course he is. One more Greenie dick.

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