A marriage of mana and money makes a moaning minnie of – guess who? Yep – Sue

And so the decision has been made.

The Internet Party and Mana Party have teamed up for this year’s election.

Alf and his fellow Nats are feeling seriously unthreatened.

Hone Harawira will be top dog in this odd coupling – he will have top billing on the alliance’s party list.

Mana has given up the number two spot on their combined list to the Internet Party’s leader, who will be named tomorrow (or so we are assured).

This is all too much for dear old Sue Bradford to stomach. She has spat the dummy – as she warned she would – and quit the Mana Party.

“I don’t want to be Kim Dotcom’s play thing and I feel sorry that my friends in Mana have become that,” Ms Bradford says.

Money seems to be the big thing that has drawn Mana into this alliance.

ONE News deputy political editor Michael Parkin reckons the bottom-line in the alliance “is of course cash”, with Mr Dotcom’s party set to fund the bulk of the joint campaign.

Parkins says Dotcom has chipped in a quarter of a million dollars, as a starter but:

“The amount of money is still going to be worked out,” says Vikram Kumar, Internet Party chief executive when asked how much it will put in.

Will Sue be missed?

Probably not but we must wonder where she will take her lefty ideas and zeal for protesting next.

Obviously nowhere near anyone with money who would want to turn her into their plaything.

Actually, Alf suspects no such person exists anywhere in this country and probably nowhere on the planet.

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