Quest’s job-seeking fees can be avoided

June 13, 2009

An Auckland recruitment agency looks likely to cop a bit of flak for its practice of charging job seekers a month’s gross income to help them find a job.

Job hunters with Quest Recruitment must sign a contract to say they will work free for a month, with wages or salary going directly to Quest.

Alternatively, one-third of their gross income can be deducted for three months.

Businesses looking for staff normally pay recruitment agencies a fee, rather than the job candidates, but North Shore-based Quest says a “radical approach” is needed in the recession.

Charging the fee is legal, apparently, but “critics within the industry” say it is unethical and exploitative.

One of Alf’s colleagues is not too happy, either.
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Why not just shut the commission?

May 12, 2009

Labour’s Annette King asked the wrong question in Parliament today.

She inquired of Paula Bennett, our Minister for Social Development and Employment: Why did she appoint Christine Rankin as a Families Commissioner?

The much better question is why appoint anyone to be Families Commissioners and why not just dismantle the bloody outfit?

For the record, Bennett said she appointed Rankin:

Because I believe she will be good in the role, and she is a strong advocate for children and their families.

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